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02 Dec

The United Homophobes

Looks like Gordon Wilson has got together with 199 friends to launch a campaign against gay marriage.

Their petition obviously includes the slippery slope fallacy. You can read about them here

indeed Scotland for Marriage is backed by both religious and non-religious groups. It is an expression of the breadth of concern within Scottish society.

Those organisations?

  • CARE for Scotland
  • The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Scotland
  • The Christian Institute
  • Destiny Churches, Scotland
  • The Evangelical Alliance
  • The Family Education Trust

That seems really broad, 5 religious groups and 1 non religious one? (assuming FET is not religious which I am slightly sceptical of).

Given that Church attendance in England is between 2-3% you would think any significant increase on that would be shouted from the church rooftops on Scotland. So how broad is that breadth of concern?

Recent surveys showed 61% support with 19% opposed.

From a comment on that Scotsman article

In the British Social Attitudes Survey 2010: 75% of those questioned believed their religious leaders should not to influence their voting behaviour 67% believe religious leaders should stay out of government decision making. 45% of Britons believe that the involvement of religious leaders would have a deleterious effect on policy. Only 25% of people believe religious involvement would produce better policy. 73% of respondents believe that “people with very strong religious beliefs are often too intolerant of others”. This view was held by 82% of people who class themselves as non-religious, and 63% of those who consider themselves religious. The Humanist Society of Scotland commissioned a separate poll asking the Scottish census question, ‘What religion, religious denomination or body do you belong to?’. In response, 42% of the adult population in Scotland said ‘None’. When asked ‘Are you religious?’ 56% of the same sample said they were not and only 35% said they were.

Keep the bishops out of politics and the priests out of children.

My post yesterday on gay mariage was timely it seems.

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