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08 Jan

A Winner is Me!

At the start of December I entered a competition on the SciFiNow blog

It lists loads of prizes:

  • VIP tickets to an exclusive Hellboy party
  • Hellboy scarf
  • Hellboy beanie
  • the movie on DVD
  • Cygnett MP3 player accessories pack

I got an e-mail saying I had won a prize and thought woo, hope it’s the DVD, and have been holding off buying it ever since.

Well, I got a package through the mail today, in it was:

  • Hellboy scarf
  • Hellboy beanie with horn stumps
  • the 2 disc special edition of the movie on DVD £12.98
  • earphones £14.98 on Amazon
  • charging battery for iPhone/iPod £12.96?
  • iPod nano silicon case ~£14
  • mini rechargable speaker £20.96
  • mini fm transmitter for iPod/iPhone £37.99
  • larger rechargable speaker for iPhone/iPod £41.99
  • speaker dock/alarm clock/radio for iPod £67.79

Holy shit!, that’s over £200 worth of iPod accessories.

The hat/scarf and DVD are mine. IPod owning friends were drooling over the rest of the kit and nabbed it all.

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