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27 Nov

Wii Fit

I got Wii Fit for Christmas (and it’s open now, so no surprise) and it’s surprisingly fun. I had been trying to find it for months and decided it may be more useful using it to track weight in the run up to Christmas than preventively on Christmas Day.

Whether I will keep using it for months is yet to be found out but it feels like when I first got the Wii. You want to play it all the time. The added bonus is that you then decide not to have that chocolate bar after lunch as it will show up on your weigh in.

An extra motivation for me is to try and get a bit fitter. I used to be really fit, then my job went from carrying heavy boxes in a stock room or running round a shop floor to sitting on my arse in front of a computer all day. At roughly the same time I injured my ankle in the infamous suitcase staircase accident. The first cut down the amount of exercise I got and the second really demotivated me to do any because my ankle hurt like hell doing most of the exercise like activities I did before. Dancing all night in a night out, jogging around, I used to walk down town and back on occasion from mums (3+miles each way).

My days of 32″ waist and 12 second 100metre runs and 5 minute miles are gone but I think accepting that has made me accept going a bit too far in the other direction. When my work moves to the new office I intend to get a bike to cycle there which should help too. There’s no way I’m cycling the route to current office considering the number of overturned lorries that happen nearby its a bloody death wish.

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