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03 Apr


I have been kind of swamped lately so haven’t been updating this much. What hasn’t helped is I used to think oh post that up and expand in a blog post. I find myself compressing things into Twitter instead.

So random media etc I have been enjoying over the last wee while:

Films and TV


Does what it says on the tin! Really enjoyed it, was a bit longer than expected. Unsurprisingly the Daily Mail have went apoplectic with rage. Surprisingly by accusing the makers and fans of being paedos or some other weird projection from the reviewer.

I think the basis is that adults occasionally dress in school girl outfits to be sexy and as there is a girl in the film of 11 (played by a 13 year old) wearing one they are trying to make her look sexy and hence promote paedophilia or something. Missing the step that maybe she wears it cos she is a child…

Youth In Revolt

Quite funny, enjoyable and would definitely watch again. The closest Hollywood has come to the premise of Science of Sleep in a long time.


The most recent albums of Fun Lovin Criminals and Frightened Rabbit are the last things I have bought. Both were really good. Missed going to see Fun Lovin Criminals tour though, first tour I have missed in about 10 years.


Recently been reading some books by Kathy Reichs. She writes stories about Brennan. In the TV series Bones, she writes the stories of Brennan who’s character writes books about Kathy Reichs. Most amusing.

Just finished Craig Murrays Murder in Samarkand this morning and it was really interesting. The very fact that he makes himself sound like a total dick in various places makes you inclined to believe the rest of the stuff he is writing about (no matter what that scum sucking torture advocating cunt Jack Straw says to the contrary).


I grabbed a bottle of Eristoff Vodka when I saw it cheap. It suddenly appeared on the shelves of supermarkets with large amounts of shelf space. Given the faux Russian style of the labelling I was put off (normally a sure sign of shitness) but it was quite nice. Certainly better than Smirnoff.

I popped into Duke’s Corner having heard really good things about the food. I got a burger and it was pretty meh. Friend got some chicken thing with nice big chips. After eating the chicken they tucked into the chips to find then still uncooked in the middle. Slightly concerning after eating chicken. If you can’t even cook chips how can you manage a food that is notorious for giving food poisoning if not cooked correctly.

Since then I have heard even more good reviews so hopefully it was a one-off. Will go again at some point for a second chance but it better be really good to get back to even favour.

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