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02 Mar

Curry and Enchiladas

Saturday nights tea was another attempt at home made curry from scratch. Unfortunately we had not separated the chicken breasts before freezing them so I had to defrost the whole pack. I now had to make a monster curry. It was an improvement on before, sweeter and not as runny sauce but it still wasn’t quite right. The sauce was pretty bland. Need to re-read the recipe book to see what I need to do to add a bit more flavour to it.

There were of course leftovers, lots of.

Sunday night I was considering the leftovers and realised we hadn’t made enchiladas yet. We had bought a glass dish for lasagne and it would be perfect. We had reams of home made curry which was comprised of peppers, mushrooms, chilli, chicken and rice. Perfect for a filling. I through that on to reheat with some fajita seasoning and made the sauce. We opted for garlic, onion, chilli and a tin of plum tomatoes. When it was done, popped in oven with cheese on top of the sauce layer over the tortillas filled with curry. Took about 20 minutes or so. Whilst we were waiting on it baking I made some quesadillas with mild cheddar and a spicy sauce. Superb again, although very filling.

The enchiladas were pretty good. We managed to fit 5 wraps into the dish. But there was still leftovers.

(until 2 hours later when I scoffed the remaining).

It was a pretty good strategy. I think we will count enchiladas as a curry/fajita leftovers meal and plan accordingly for next weekend.

I bought some cornflour so will borrow or pick up a cheap rolling pin to attempt to make tortillas next. If it’s successful and works out cost effective I may go for a tortilla press and the proper flour online.

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