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08 Feb

Victory is Mine!

Yesterday I was walking up from Morningside to Marchmont and saw a fancy booze shop. Saw Blackwoods vodka in window, ooooh! Unfortunately it was £19! Outrageous but also, I later found out, discontinued. Crossed road and spotted Oddbins. Cogs started wheelin’ so I popped in.

Spotted a lone Reyka vodka reduced to £16.19.

How many bottles of that do you have?
I’ll just check, replies the salesman.

Six says he.

I’ll have 2 please. I was already overloaded with bags unfortunately and still had about a mile to walk.

I was so tempted though.

One was cracked open in celebration. They also stocked an Uluvka box set which was really cool. Really nice bottle, nice glasses, no idea what it tastes like so I wasn’t risking £50 on it.

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