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11 Dec

Link: Strange Maps

Given they have just pushed out a mega update it seems a good time to link to Strange Maps. A really interesting site, especially if like me, you are a huge nerd. There are all sorts of maps, from fantastical ones to real ones of countries that don’t exist and micro-nations which existed for a […]

25 Nov

Link: UGS

I was an early member of UGS, having user number 37 until a database cockup a while back (Thanks KJ!). It originally started as a board about hip hop, then a well timed explosion of the Dundee music scene a number of years ago co-ordinated with the death of the Kerosene board due to Colin […]

23 Sep

Link: Swearing in a Foreign Language

swearing in a foreign language is the blog of a friend of mine. His most interesting post so far was assisted by me. Whoops, forgot I was filming and moved to take a portrait shot. He likes obscure bands. I’m sure his blog won’t suck.

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