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18 Oct

Are Insight Magazine running a scam?

A magazine in Birmingham phoned a friend offering her advertising. Using pressure sales techniques they convinced her to buy advertising space. Part of this was using misleading information – that they distribute in Harrods etc. According to their website they distribute in Asda. She was not happy. They then called again repeatedly. They managed to […]

23 Aug

First Search Consultancy Scam

It appears that a lot of people find my site by searching for First Search Consultancy Scam. This is possibly related to a couple of previous posts I wrote – almost 650 at the last count. More than likely though it is related to the large number of people who claim to be dissatisfied with […]

05 Jun

A Rank SEO Company

A friend was called yesterday by yet another dodgy SEO company. They called from 0161 9058460 which from an advert appears to be a company called Rank Right. They claimed that they were from Google and could get a site to the first page of Google for £99 per month. Having dealt with this sort […]

15 May

Buyer Beware

Due to a combination of factors regarding scammy scummy business practices I remembered about this incident. A few weeks ago I get a knock at the door and it is someone from an energy company touting for business by trying to convince us to switch suppliers. I forget the exact figures but he asked me […]

07 Oct

Random website sham again?

A friend got another call from a web design company today. This time they are claiming that that a government scheme is there to help companies with websites. For £149 per year they can make a site with a shop. A quick scan of their site shows that that package is £199 per year. The […]

18 May

First Search Consultancy – SEO cowboys with a different technique

I am used to seeing all the scam letters from SEO companies guaranteeing first place on Google etc. Lately a friend has been getting pestered by phone calls. Today she had one from Google. Or at least a company impersonating Google. The company was First Search Consulting (). A bunch of snake-oil selling cowboys. I […]

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