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27 May

Thinking the Unthinkable

For the first time in my life I am considering giving a vote to the Labour Party. If you don’t understand the reason this is unthinkable then you have probably never discussed politics with me. Ever. Why exclude Labour before? Growing up, my local council was Labour run, then later run by them and the […]

21 Jul

The “Centrism” of the Mainstream

Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed a trend in articles using the term centrist, it’s often used in commentary on the Labour leadership election for example. So what is meant by Centrist? In the traditional political spectrum there is a left, a right and the centre. Unfortunately this model is flawed. If you are […]

24 Sep

Failure, #the45 and the future

A friend told me they went to vote wearing a Firefly t-shirt as they didn’t have a Yes t-shirt. At the time I was amused but then on the Friday it became even more meaningful. Firefly is a series set in the aftermath of a civil war from some of those sympathetic to the rebellious […]

13 Nov

Where were the Labour Party?

At around the 13 minute mark the discussion on the Bedroom Tax starts. Here you can see Anas Sarwar, deputy leader of the Labour Party in Scotland, arguing against the Bedroom Tax. Demanding to know why the SNP don’t abolish it (when Welfare isn’t devolved to Holyrood). As you can gather he is obviously opposed […]

17 Apr

Dundee West voters choice

You can tell it’s an election because Labour and the SNP showed their face in the city centre today, so probably time for an info post. Well, unless there are any last minute changes or anyone withdrawing at the last minute (ooh err missus) the line up for the election in Dundee West looks like: […]

07 Apr

Stuff Jim McGovern

Last night was the final straw. Having spent several years as a member of the payroll vote he eventually started being a constituency MP. He voted for authoritarian measures like storing massive amount of information on citizens and then tried to block information about where he has been on taxpayers money using privacy as his […]

11 May

On your Marks, get set, go!

I just finished reading two books I grabbed cheap in Virgin, Zavvi, Head. First up was Mark Thomas with As Used on the Famous Nelson Mandela: Underground Adventures in the Arms and Torture Trade. This was really interesting, funny and horrifying in equal doses. Some brilliant anecdotes of groups set up to take on arms […]

26 Mar

Day 3 in the Big Brother state house

After John Letford resigned the rest of the housemates were bitching about him in the diary room. They are now getting to see interviews with him inside. Courier article The overriding incident, which I found disgusting and unforgivably embarrassing, was that I was approached by the (Labour) group through Kevin (Keenan), asking if I would […]

24 Mar

Labour in disarray Part 2

Tonight’s Evening Telegraph is basically a John Letford Resigns Special. He claims to have a long list of reasons for resigning but only reveals one: I have been trying to persuade my ex-colleagues for nearly two years to recognise the fact that, in the interests of the city and fair play, Dundee City Council committee […]

24 Mar

Labour in disarray

In the 2007 Council elections the balance of power had shifted to 13 SNP councillors, 10 Labour, 3 Tories, 2 Liberal Democrat and 1 Independent. Borthwick, the independent had previously stated – correctly – that it was undemocratic for Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Tories to deny the SNP their place in the administration. […]

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