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11 Feb

2012 the Year of Change

Well that year kind of dragged a bit. I’m not quite sure whether this post will ever make it public so I will just write it, read it, edit it and decide. The year started with me making a big list of about 30 things I wanted to achieve by the end of the year. […]

22 Feb

Remake Roundup

Reading various sources, mainly SciFiNow, has revealed a slew of remakes on the way, the ones worth pointing out are: Orphanage, 2 years old and being remade because a section of the movie liking audience are too xenophobic to cope with subtitles and foreign dialogue. Fuck, em if they wish to miss this fine film […]

27 Nov

New magazine day!

It’s that time of the month again: SciFi Now Thursday! I started getting this about issue 6 (now 22) and it’s really good. The movie reviews are focused on SciFi/Fantasy/Horror/World Cinema type stuff so really covers most of my main movie interests. So far I haven’t noticed any signs of the reviews being biased by […]

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