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12 Nov

Useless Council Awards 2013

It really must be the silly season as two Councils have went head to head racing ahead of others in publicly crowing about their financial incompetence. Making their bid yesterday was Glasgow City Council. They announced that in a Cost saving plan they would spend money raising a statue on a plinth. Apparently this would […]

19 May

Electoral recount in Glasgow

There have been a surprisingly small number of articles about the recount taking place for the council elections in one ward in Glasgow. The media coverage has been poor with bloggers picking up the slack. See for example the commentary by Lallands Peat Worrier Well, lets look at the story by the BBC The result […]

16 Feb

Hae a pictur

Reports from the weekend have a certain tanned celebrity and his acolytes handing out autographed pictures to kids in Glasgow. Laughing so hard. Trying and failing to find any way to describe the ridiculousness of this all whilst masking their identity and making it political…

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