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21 Jul

Health and Safety gone mad!

Hardly a day goees by without one of the scummy papers ranting about Health and Safety gone mad. These new rules always provoke outrage and rage and anger, but of course only in the mind of the readersand writers of these sorts of papers. The worst of course being the Hitler supporting Daily Mail. This […]

03 Apr


I have been kind of swamped lately so haven’t been updating this much. What hasn’t helped is I used to think oh post that up and expand in a blog post. I find myself compressing things into Twitter instead. So random media etc I have been enjoying over the last wee while: Films and TV […]

31 Oct

Letter to Jim McGovern

The contents of the letter I just to my MP It is an outrage that your government have sacked Professor David Nutt. Surely the purpose of advisers is to give an experts opinion not to rubber stamp policy decisions by government taken not because of scientific evidence but in line with the opinions of the […]

28 Jul

Wi-fi woo

Amused today to read about some cretin who claims to be allergic to wi-fi. Of course it will be no surprise to know the rag source of this garbage is the Hitler supporting Daily Mail. Of course if such a claim were true the DJ would be in luck, with a profile and a paranormal […]

27 Nov

Link: spEak You’re bRanes

spEak You’re bRanes is the excellent site which pokes fun at the paranoid, dangerous, delusional and the daft who inhabit the BBC Have your say comment section. If ever you need to complete the input-> process->output diagram with Daily Mail as the input this is your best bet. My favourite has to be the EUrophobe […]

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