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02 Apr

Dodger – Terry Pratchett

Dodger follows on from The Long Earth in being a non-Discworld book. I’m not sure whether this is an attempt to hide Pratchetts changing writers voice when working on Discworld novels or simply a way to leave a non-Discworld legacy with some ideas he has but it is a welcome change. I remember reading a […]

28 Feb

The Book of Deacon – Joseph Lallo

I was recommended The Book of Deacon whilst discussing good fantasy novels. It’s the first part in a trilogy by Joseph Lallo and was self published. Within 10 pages I was totally hooked. The descriptive text is simply breathtaking. Myranda Celeste wanders through a frozen waste spurned by those she meets. There is a piece […]

04 Apr

Buffy Season 8: Arc 1 of 8

Buffy Season 8 was the first proper monthly comic I started reading. I had loved the show, and Angel and figured: “It’s canon, I should read it”. I also started reading Angel, Spike and the various other Buffy-verse spin-offs. It started off quite strong but towards the end I started to get really pissed off […]

02 Jul

Down With the Times

So as of today the Times is starting to charge for content. Lets hope Rupert Murdoch gets egg on his face. He can whinge all he wants about Google stealing content but if he was so concerned all he had to do was block access to Google’s search bots. Two minute job and it’s done. […]

26 Apr

Ben Elton – Stark

In my quest for something to read on the bus I noticed Ben Elton – Stark at the top of the novel/comedy pile. That’ll do thinks I. I got the bus to work and read some. Then read some more on the way home on the bus. And still wasn’t in to it. The writing […]

25 Jan

Private Eye – ooh err missus

This fortnights edition of Private Eye is quite good. The two stand-outs for me though were the ingenuously fuelled letter about classical music with the quote the capital is positively stiff with magnificent organs. The second is the large column with outrage that a comedian has been dumped from a festival, the comedian in question […]

17 Aug

Bow before the king of the nerds

i finally managed to see Rob Deb‘s comedy show. I couldn’t manage the past two years but after seeing the stuff in SciFi Now was more determined to go. Being on earlier made it easier too. He was really, really funny. Lot’s of nerdy material, references but also stuff non-geeks could get related to his […]

27 Jul

Nerding out

Spent lunchtime today looking at the rumours of the re-release of Space Hulk Rumoured Space Hulk contents this is obviously exciting as if it is successful it means Games Workshop might look into re-releasing Hero Quest/Advanced Hero Quest/Warhammer Quest. Speaking of Hero Quest, found a new free gaming magazine with a short article about it […]

03 Jun

Keeping down the inbox count

Catching up on my blog list has been fun. I was reading about the policy of E-mail zero where you aim to keep your inbox at 0 e-mails at all times by constantly properly filing your mail. Having fallen behind around 2 years ago mines is ever growing. I figured going for RSS zero was […]

11 May

On your Marks, get set, go!

I just finished reading two books I grabbed cheap in Virgin, Zavvi, Head. First up was Mark Thomas with As Used on the Famous Nelson Mandela: Underground Adventures in the Arms and Torture Trade. This was really interesting, funny and horrifying in equal doses. Some brilliant anecdotes of groups set up to take on arms […]

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