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24 Apr

Hero Quest Video Review

Quite silly video about Hero Quest. Awesome.

03 Apr


I have been kind of swamped lately so haven’t been updating this much. What hasn’t helped is I used to think oh post that up and expand in a blog post. I find myself compressing things into Twitter instead. So random media etc I have been enjoying over the last wee while: Films and TV […]

06 Oct

Invention of Lying

Last night I saw Invention of Lying, the new film by Ricky Gervais. It was ok, a few laughs but nothing special. What is frustrating is it had so much potential. Anyway to start off, I had read the reviews that it was a world where everyone tells the truth. This is inaccurate. It is […]

17 Aug

Bow before the king of the nerds

i finally managed to see Rob Deb‘s comedy show. I couldn’t manage the past two years but after seeing the stuff in SciFi Now was more determined to go. Being on earlier made it easier too. He was really, really funny. Lot’s of nerdy material, references but also stuff non-geeks could get related to his […]

01 Aug

Alice, Alice, who the fuck is Alice?

I had been moderately excited for the new Alice movie. I just watched the trailer. What the hell is Burton doing with all this ridiculous CGI? It looked appalling and out of place. Never mind that most of it was completely unnecessary, bah. CGI works if it blends in to the film, if it adds […]

13 May

Let the right one in

Let the right one in is a Swedish vampire movie which has just been released in the UK. I had been interested in it since I read about it late last year and finally had the chance to see it when it was showing at DCA. Unusually for a vampire movie the vampire and main […]

09 May


So the Inbetweeners has come to the end of series 2. After the disappointment of series 3 of Skins this was a breath of fresh air. Some really funny moments couple with some really cringe worthy moments. The final episode had Neil with the best quote of the series though. ghost stories like Harry Potter […]

17 Apr

April film roundup

Having spent a weekend ill on the couch unable to turn the light, look at a monitor for longer than 10minutes or read I managed to get through quite a few films. Some of these were good, some were great, some won’t be watched again – a good mixture then. The unwatched pile however has […]

17 Apr

Lesbian Vampire Killers

I almost forgot that I went to the cinema to see this. Having never watched Gavin and Stacey I didn’t really know what to expect. What I had expected was a vampire spoof, anything spoofing the lesbian vampire sub-genre would be a bonus. What I got was, well, mince. Dire acting, pitiful jokes, ridiculous symbolism. […]

31 Mar

Andy Hallett dies!

Andy Hallett was the actor who played Lorne on Angel. I hadn’t realised he was only 33, only 25 when he started playing the character. It was the only thing I saw him in (although he apparently was in an episode of Buffy too) but he was constantly superb as the campy living life to […]

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