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10 Aug

Star Trek Deep Space 9: Season One

I never really liked Star Trek: The Original Series. A pile of the films were bad too. There I said it. As a kid in the 80s I did however love Star Trek: The Next Generation. I tried to re-watch Season 1 again a few years ago and remembered it having a few stinkers. I […]

16 Jul

Silicon Valley

I managed to catch up on some of the new Mike Judge show Silicon Valley and was quite amused. This clip shows the reality of remote conferencing type tools. A bunch of nerdy nerds in Silicon Valley with a small start up. Stupid money flows around and everyone has their own ideas for software to […]

02 Apr

Couple of weeks of R&R

It was coming up to the end of the year and I had a chunk of holidays left so decided to take two weeks at the end of March. I didn’t get done everything I wanted to do but managed: House Managed to entirely gut the house. Cleaned every room, washed every cup, plate and […]

27 Feb


I was told recently of a film called No about the 1988 referendum in Chile. I checked IMDB the next day and the DCA and was delighted to see it was showing soon. Having taken Monday off I took a trip to an afternoon showing and was entertained. Set against the social context of the […]

08 Jul

Review: Nefarious Merchant of Souls

A friend told me about a showing of a film called Nefarious: Merchant of Souls at a church in Dundee. I was a bit weary at first as to say I don’t agree with that church is a bit of an understatement. But given the content of the film I thought I would give it […]

10 May

Minor Update and Movie Round Up

It’s been a while since I posted anything of length here, but as the three of you who read this blog know me in real life you’ll know why that is. I’m slowly catching up on my RSS feeds but have some lengthy articles on the backlog to read, my email inbox is as far […]

21 Mar

Elvis has left the building

Given that the company is long since dead it’s probably ok to write about the computer systems at Virgin Megastores. Note: I fully expect to edit this for errors and clarifications when other former employees see this, especially as I can’t remember what each of the 20 function keys did so am making up the […]

26 Aug

Will it not just fucking die already?

Opened the papers this morning to find that Channel 4 and it’s various offshoots are still off limits. It appears the last series of Big Brother was not really the last series and they have beat the dead horse even further. Like something from a parody the walking dead are still there. Having churned out […]

11 Jun

Animated Film Meme

Found via Evolving Thoughts This should be about 95% correct. Some of the names are familiar but I can’t remember definitely seeing them. X what you’ve seen O what you saw some but not all of Bold what you particularly liked Strike-through what you hated CLASSIC DISNEY ——————————- [ X ] 101 Dalmatians (1961) [ […]

28 May

Erasing David

I went to see Erasing David at the DCA. It was quite good, there were a number of things in it I thought could have been fleshed out into great points, and a number of those which were fleshed out which in the scope of the documentary appear unfounded. The premise of the documentary is […]

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