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02 Apr

Dodger – Terry Pratchett

Dodger follows on from The Long Earth in being a non-Discworld book. I’m not sure whether this is an attempt to hide Pratchetts changing writers voice when working on Discworld novels or simply a way to leave a non-Discworld legacy with some ideas he has but it is a welcome change. I remember reading a […]

28 Feb

The Book of Deacon – Joseph Lallo

I was recommended The Book of Deacon whilst discussing good fantasy novels. It’s the first part in a trilogy by Joseph Lallo and was self published. Within 10 pages I was totally hooked. The descriptive text is simply breathtaking. Myranda Celeste wanders through a frozen waste spurned by those she meets. There is a piece […]

27 Feb


I was told recently of a film called No about the 1988 referendum in Chile. I checked IMDB the next day and the DCA and was delighted to see it was showing soon. Having taken Monday off I took a trip to an afternoon showing and was entertained. Set against the social context of the […]

08 Jul

Review: Nefarious Merchant of Souls

A friend told me about a showing of a film called Nefarious: Merchant of Souls at a church in Dundee. I was a bit weary at first as to say I don’t agree with that church is a bit of an understatement. But given the content of the film I thought I would give it […]

21 May

Review: Onsind – Dissatisfacton

Album available at name your price with a minimum of £0 ONSIND are an acoustic pop punk band from Durham. Their name is in reference to the lack of abortion facilities in some areas of America. I recently attended a gig put on by the Make That a Take DIY (anti-sexist, anti-racist, anti-fascist and anti-homophobic) […]

10 May

Minor Update and Movie Round Up

It’s been a while since I posted anything of length here, but as the three of you who read this blog know me in real life you’ll know why that is. I’m slowly catching up on my RSS feeds but have some lengthy articles on the backlog to read, my email inbox is as far […]

24 Apr

Hero Quest Video Review

Quite silly video about Hero Quest. Awesome.

17 Apr

April film roundup

Having spent a weekend ill on the couch unable to turn the light, look at a monitor for longer than 10minutes or read I managed to get through quite a few films. Some of these were good, some were great, some won’t be watched again – a good mixture then. The unwatched pile however has […]

17 Apr

Lesbian Vampire Killers

I almost forgot that I went to the cinema to see this. Having never watched Gavin and Stacey I didn’t really know what to expect. What I had expected was a vampire spoof, anything spoofing the lesbian vampire sub-genre would be a bonus. What I got was, well, mince. Dire acting, pitiful jokes, ridiculous symbolism. […]

16 Feb

Happy Endings

The latest 3/£5 Grouchos acquisition to be watched was Happy Endings. At times it could be a bit of a slog at over 2 hours long, but it was well worth it in the end. It had a really unusual style. The introduction had the screen split in halves with textual detail of who was […]

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