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29 Jan

Dundee – A Crime Free Utopia

Well, I can only assume as much given the 13 cops and command unit sitting in a layby on the Kingsway…

07 Jan

Chaos as frozen water plummets from the sky!!

Sitting in the pub last night one of the 24 hour News programs was on giving us breaking news such as roads frozen and temperature below freezing. How this was breaking news baffled me. Then after the news finished there was the weather. The newspaper headline section was hilarious with their shocking headlines and attacks […]

17 Dec

Two interesting articles in a row!

Slashdot beats it’s usual high of 1 decent article a day with two belters. Insurgents hack US drones Iraqi insurgents are intercepting communications from pilot-less drones as they are not encrypting it before sending it to base. The second will be of interest to anyone who has visited the Secret Bunker in Fife. A report […]

13 Oct

London Food

I couldn’t really figure up a good way to post about random stuff from the trip to London so will start off with the food. Friday On the Friday we arrived in the afternoon so we only really ate out for tea. With the hotel we were given a voucher for various Hotel owned outlets. […]

07 Oct

Random website sham again?

A friend got another call from a web design company today. This time they are claiming that that a government scheme is there to help companies with websites. For £149 per year they can make a site with a shop. A quick scan of their site shows that that package is £199 per year. The […]

14 Sep

Polo and Posh Portaloos

On Saturday, a friend and I attended an event which was an afternoon of polo and then a meal. Anyhoo, the two amusing things prompting the title. Firstly posh portaloos. They had hired the poshest portaloos I had ever seen. The sinks were bowls on a raised dais. They had motion sensor activated taps. To […]

28 Jul

Wi-fi woo

Amused today to read about some cretin who claims to be allergic to wi-fi. Of course it will be no surprise to know the rag source of this garbage is the Hitler supporting Daily Mail. Of course if such a claim were true the DJ would be in luck, with a profile and a paranormal […]

26 Jul

Last British World War One trench veteran dies

I have only briefly glanced at the reports on the death of Harry Patch, the last surviving British trench soldier from World War One. (One sailor survives: Claude Choules) The reports have mainly went on about the war he fought in and ignored his insights into the situation. Which is a shame, as he had […]

17 Jul


Having checked whether it was man or swine it appears the parents both have swine flu. Both have been feeling totally run down all week, dad complained of his throat being agony.

10 Jun

A Winner is Me! 3

Well I have just won my third competition in 6 months. On the SSP site there is a monthly competition run with philosophy football. I just won their International Brigade t-shirt. Two wins in two months from this competition, enter it yourself!

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