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15 May

European Election 2014 – Scotland

It’s almost time for the most low-key elections in the UK, the election for Members of the European Parliament. As you are no doubt aware (cough) our 6 current MEP’s are: SNP: Ian Hudghton, Alyn Smith Labour: David Martin, Catherine Stihler Tory: Struan Stevenson Lib Dem: George Lyon I’ve occasionally emailed them when hassling all […]

11 Dec

Nicola Sturgeon

After seeing her performance on the TV debate I was offered tickets to a Q&A with her at Dundee Uni hosted by 5million questions. So I popped along with @mariettarosetta (Anna) and her dad to see what was going to be discussed. The turnout was impressive in a large lecture theatre, although I suspected a […]

28 Nov

And now the gloves are off

So after the release of the independence white paper it appears the gloves are off. From ministers dismissing it before they could have read it, nitpicking over the detail or demanding why particular questions are not answered the No camp have pulled out all the stops except producing any document of their own. The highlights […]

26 Nov

Exclusive IFS Analysis

Well, they’ve been busy haven’t they. After delivering an analysis of how an independent Scotland would fare, using Westminster data, the IFS have got straight to work this morning. As well as reading the entire 670 page document and inputting all the data, they have produced a documentary showing the likliest outcome. They shared with […]

18 Nov

Dundee City of Culture Bid

It’s been surprising how little and much has been said about Dundee’s bid to be UK City of Culture 2017. How little in the long-run up. And then so much in the last week. Some good, some bad. Some indifferent. The public face of the bid started with the launch of We Dundee with locals […]

13 Nov

Where were the Labour Party?

At around the 13 minute mark the discussion on the Bedroom Tax starts. Here you can see Anas Sarwar, deputy leader of the Labour Party in Scotland, arguing against the Bedroom Tax. Demanding to know why the SNP don’t abolish it (when Welfare isn’t devolved to Holyrood). As you can gather he is obviously opposed […]

12 Nov

Useless Council Awards 2013

It really must be the silly season as two Councils have went head to head racing ahead of others in publicly crowing about their financial incompetence. Making their bid yesterday was Glasgow City Council. They announced that in a Cost saving plan they would spend money raising a statue on a plinth. Apparently this would […]

03 Jul

Better Together vs Yes Scotland

We’ve been hearing loads of stuff from Yes Scotland and Better Together (original site dead) about the forthcoming referendum on independence. Better Together have been engaging in what they privately call Project Fear, a terrible strategy composing of nothing but FUD. A campaign of lies, skewed statistics and scaremongering. Ironically, Labour have left them and […]

19 Jun

Center for Enquiry

There has been a bit of a ruckus online amongst sceptics and a sceptical organisation. You can read a round up of the latest issues here. Although a fan of the work of Center for Inquiry for many years, I have just send the following to them and am sadly unsubsribing from their content. I […]

09 Apr

Scotlands Favourite Corpse

What took her so long? is the phrase on many lips. After 87 years of oxygen thievery Margaret Thatcher has finally stopped polluting the universe with her presence. Unfortunately her vile ideas are still here. Being implemented by all stripes of bastards in councils and governments up and down the UK and in other places […]

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