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18 Dec


In Glasgow and the shop that I used to buy SKYY no longer stocks it. In Edinburgh the next week and not only did the swanky hotel only have Vladivar (at four bloody pounds!), Oddbins have been having trouble buying in Reyka. If Brown’s ridiculous use of anti-terrorism laws against Iceland have stopped this beautiful […]

09 Nov

Vodka Reviews

I have started throwing up some quick vodka reviews. More will follow as I can be bothered. Some vodkas I haven’t had in a while so will need to buy again so as to take a picture of the bottle. Others I don’t want to buy again (Stoly I’m looking at your overrated ass). Tried […]

09 Nov

Russian Standard

Russian Standard has been heavily advertised in the media lately*. Tesco for a while were punting it at £25 for 2 litres which is pretty good. It has quite a nice flavour to it so I try to make sure I have a bottle in (although I don’t just now). Volume: 1L Alcohol: 40% Cost: […]

09 Nov

SKYY Vodka

SKYY has been my favourite vodka for a while now. The other half brought me back a bottle from New York and it was gorgeous. Was a bit of a nightmare to find locally though, online it was costing £22 for a 70cl! On the recent holiday to Mexico I made sure to grab 2 […]

09 Nov

Smirnoff Black

I picked up a bottle of Smirnoff Black a while back and finally popped it open. They market it as: Crafted in small batches, using a copper pot-still, a centuries-old distillation method, smirnoff black recaptures the rounded, lasting, uncompromising smootness once savoured by the people and the czars of old Russia. It was ok, a […]

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