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15 Jun

Well Done Martha Payne #NeverSeconds

Martha Payne, a nine year girl, has been blogging about the dinners available at her school. The school is some bizarre crackdown on attacks on their services have decided that she is now banned from taking photos of the meals. Obviously this kind of thing never backfires which is why as of right now the […]

24 Jan

Is it a whisky, is it a bourbon, no – it’s Valt Vodka

I had heard of Valt Vodka a few weeks back but didn’t want to throw down £25-£30 on a rash buy. Well I went round round the Scottish Trade Fair on Sunday as a recce mission for future exhibiting and I spotted their stand. Disciplined I wandered round the rest of the food section before […]

03 Apr


I have been kind of swamped lately so haven’t been updating this much. What hasn’t helped is I used to think oh post that up and expand in a blog post. I find myself compressing things into Twitter instead. So random media etc I have been enjoying over the last wee while: Films and TV […]

27 Feb

Vodka Breaking News!

Last night at Duke’s Corner I sampled the DQ vodka and it was immense. Will definitely look forward to buying a bottle at some point. This morning I was digging through old posts, spotting errors etc when I noticed one about Blackwoods going into administration. It appears they have licenced their vodka to Blavod I […]

13 Oct

London Food

I couldn’t really figure up a good way to post about random stuff from the trip to London so will start off with the food. Friday On the Friday we arrived in the afternoon so we only really ate out for tea. With the hotel we were given a voucher for various Hotel owned outlets. […]

27 Jul

Blackwood vodka

On a trip to the Ferry on Saturday I popped into Aitkens Wine. Looking at their vodka shelves I noticed 3 bottles of Blackwood Vodka. Yoink. I had a bottle before after searching for a few years and it was gorgeous. Later spotted some in a wine shop in Edinburgh for £20. Thought sod that […]

20 Apr

Chilli Burgers – Grill Room comes from behind for a late lead

Most will know me as a fan of Tonics Mo of all Fo’s. At the weekend I discovered an even better burger though and in a surprising place. Dronley Produce have had Scotch Bonnet peppers in which have been gorgeous. I took one down town to the Grill Room (nee Kennedy’s) thinking I could get […]

02 Mar

Curry and Enchiladas

Saturday nights tea was another attempt at home made curry from scratch. Unfortunately we had not separated the chicken breasts before freezing them so I had to defrost the whole pack. I now had to make a monster curry. It was an improvement on before, sweeter and not as runny sauce but it still wasn’t […]

22 Feb

Making a Meal of it

I decided to do something with the pile of cookbooks we have acquired and made a couple of new dishes. Quesedillas One of the great starters we had in Mexico was quesedillas. These generally had chicken, cheese and salsa in them. Cooked on a hotplate, basically a Mexican version of Cheese on toast. Having checked […]

08 Feb

Victory is Mine!

Yesterday I was walking up from Morningside to Marchmont and saw a fancy booze shop. Saw Blackwoods vodka in window, ooooh! Unfortunately it was £19! Outrageous but also, I later found out, discontinued. Crossed road and spotted Oddbins. Cogs started wheelin’ so I popped in. Spotted a lone Reyka vodka reduced to £16.19. How many […]

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