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14 Feb

Attack of the virgins from mums basement

Friday was a special occassion. The 200th episode of the excellent Boagworld podcast. To celebrate, rather than record the usual show of about 1hour the hosts organised a 12 hour spectacular pulling together some of the brightest and most interesting people in the web industry. There were experts on coding and design, CSS and CMS, […]

22 Oct

Status Updater

It appears the WordPress Status Updater now works correctly by pushing each post to Facebook once. Woo. Technorati claim code: WBJWEAQ95M8P

07 Oct

Random website sham again?

A friend got another call from a web design company today. This time they are claiming that that a government scheme is there to help companies with websites. For £149 per year they can make a site with a shop. A quick scan of their site shows that that package is £199 per year. The […]

17 Aug

Bow before the king of the nerds

i finally managed to see Rob Deb‘s comedy show. I couldn’t manage the past two years but after seeing the stuff in SciFi Now was more determined to go. Being on earlier made it easier too. He was really, really funny. Lot’s of nerdy material, references but also stuff non-geeks could get related to his […]

02 Aug

Green Trilobita theme

Looking at styles for a blog, a friend liked the Green Trilobita theme by Trilobita. They wanted the palette changed to blues though so I made modifications. I couldn’t see any licence, but assuming it was GPL‘d I’ll put the modifications here. I changed the following files: Footer.php Added text Colours modified by Alan Graham […]

18 Jul

Fecking neckbeards

After my forays into the UDM drop-down menu I bit the bullet and decided the best thing for a site would probably be to install some kind of CMS and migrate the data to it. Means she can use a semi-decent HTML editor instead of raw HTML too. I had heard great things about both […]

13 Jul

Drop Down Menus

I have spent most of this evening wrestling with the UDM menu on the root of my site. I can get it to import sub-menu items from an external file, but not the main menu items. So with the menu: Home – static Menu Top – static Sub Menu – loads dynamically Another – static […]

22 Jun

Copy and Paste

It seems a cocked up copy and paste job has broken the tags. Bah! Edit: Although my copy/paste of WordPress installs did bust stuff it was actually the latest version and plugins which did. All sorted after much hair being torn out – and I can’t afford to do that much more!

20 Jun

Horrible code

Going through an XNA tutorial I came across this: [code lang=”csharp”] protected void CheckBulletHits() { // Check to see of any of the players bullets have // impacted any of the enemies. for (int i = 0; i < iMaxBullets; i++) { if (bullets[i].IsActive) for (int x = 0; x < iTotalMaxEnemies; x++) if (Enemies[x].IsActive) […]

19 Jun


Well I eventually gave up on SQL Server CE after suffering their install process again after installing Visual Studio SP1. I did a review of most of the databases around and what I wanted to do with them. I spotted Firebird. Downloaded it and a GUI. A GUI with the only option to hand edit […]

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