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31 Dec

2021 In Music

Time for the almost annual and almost end of the year look back at music after 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016.


I managed to get to 2 gigs! Not only that it was Kaddish and Book Yer Ane Fest so a pretty solid 2/2. Maybe next year our wholly incompetent governments will fix the fuck ups caused by Brexit and their handling of a global health crisis. Probably not eh?

Music Shops

Thirteen Records survived its first year and both Assai and Le Freak are still here so that’s a pretty good going given how the year has went.

New Releases

I had the season tickets for Make That a Take and Specialist Subject again, but obviously due to inability for many bands to get into recording studios not as much came out as recent years. (see last year).

Given the rumours I’m hearing of plants being fully booked for next year, then we might be a bit more fucked for that too. The transportation and shipping costs and delays, again caused by you guessed it – completely incompetent governments hasn’t helped.
Some hardcore bands are concerned their sole 7″ EP will be released long after they have broken up instead of the usual timing for their final show. This is a crisis :/.


2Pac – Until The End Of Time – You know you are old when it’s time for the 20/25/30 anniversary of albums you remember coming out…
Alzo (Alan 2) – Explorers – Alzo spent lockdown churning out music at a rapid pace with the highlight being this ambient album.
Ani DiFranco – Ani DiFranco – Not much at RSD this time but what there was was cool.
Asian Dub Foundation – Access Denied – RSD release of one of the most overlooked UK hip hop groups.
Caithlin De Marrais – My Magic City – Caithlin released all 3 of her solo records on vinyl <3.
Caithlin De Marrais – Red Coats – Caithlin released all 3 of her solo records on vinyl <3.
Caithlin De Marrais – What Will You Do Then? – Caithlin released all 3 of her solo records on vinyl <3.
Czarface, MF Doom – Super What? – MF DOOM delivering for maybe the last time :(.
Death Rosenstock – Ska Dream – Ska Remix of the No Dreams album. Delayed forever in plants and eventually got here.
Deftones – White Pony – See also Avalanches. Two versions of the album – original and remixed. The remixes are breathtaking. They hit you like this album originally did.
Flinch. – Enough Is Enough – solo project by Beth from Slowlight. It’s enjoyable, go listen.
Fun Lovin’ Criminals – Come Find Yourself – I finally got a vinyl copy with the original album within it, but then Huey went and left. The last I had checked he still hadn’t publicly commented on leaving either :(.
Green Day – BBC Sessions – Not sure how many of these would have been released as B-sides etc, but it’s quite enjoyable.
Idlewild – Warnings / Promises – A long awaited pressing of this on vinyl for the first time. Pre-ordered it and waited, then about 2 weeks later Assai announced an indie exclusive version…
Lande Hekt – Going to Hell – Really enjoyable solo record by Lande from Muncie Girls.
Miles Davis – Champions (Rare Miles From The Complete Jack Johnson Sessions) – Session tracks which I don’t think previously came out.
Nina Simone And Her Friends – An Intimate Variety Of Vocal Charm – Containing 3 previously unreleased Nina Simone tracks so I had to get it.
Queequeg’s Coffin – CĂș Beag – incredibly cool release package by the local geniuses.
Roddy Woomble – Lo! Soul – Roddy continued to release his solo work. This is good but I think I preferred his folk stuff more.
Salah Ragab & The Cairo Jazz Band – Egypt Strut – From RSD but I picked it up after that. Interesting Egyptian Jazz record.
Steve Reid Ensemble – Spirit Walk – Another cool jazz release from SJR.
Stonethrower – Legacies – In a pattern which is repeating here, delayed forever. Every second of this record is worth the wait.
Supermilk – Four By Three – There’s always a release I don’t enjoy from SSR every year, and sadly this gets to wear the crown this year.
The Avalanches – Since I Left You – Normally I avoid getting albums twice but a deluxe edition with the album and the album remixed was too much quality to pass up.

Various – Cuba: Music And Revolution (Culture Clash In Havana Cuba: Experiments In Latin Music 1973-85 Vol. 2) – Really cool compilation by the ever great Soul Jazz Records.
Various – Hidden Gems 2 – Colin continues collating some new bands together to introduce to folk.
Various – Silence Is A Dangerous Sound: A Tribute To Fugazi – Weird to hear lots of covers of an artist by a variety of bands you also like. Seas Starry are on it, so it’s good.
Various – TNSRecords Volume 4: Cheap Cans Broken Vans + Basement Bar Bands – Cool punk compilation featuring a bunch of bands I enjoy.

EPs and other stuff

Concept Car – Concept Car – One of the coolest looking releases I got all year. Tin with an embossed cassette and some other goodies. Go have a looksie.
Dog Eared – Our Boring Lives – One of the few MTAT releases of the year was this wee pop punk EP debut.
Dr Pish – Hings That Probably Happened But Maybe Didnae. – Music that probably was released but mibbe wisnae.
Fresh – The Summer I Got Good At Guitar – This band continues its run of consistently good releases. Long may it continue.
Fun Lovin’ Criminals – Scooby Snacks – Remixes record for RSD.
Platitudes – Further Meaningless – Experimental electronic record put out during lockdown.
Seas, Starry – Anatomy – The Aberdonian quartet have their EP finally out and it’s worth the delay.
Soot Sprite – Poltergeists – Another great EP by this band. Hoping they can tour at some point so I can see them.
The Bum-Clocks – Tree O’ Liberty – Tam Dean Burns group finally released something they recorded, in time for Burns Night.
Tragical History Tour – Live At Kesbri Studios – featuring some previously unreleased tracks.

Other stuff

25 Years of Idlewild Book: In The Beginning There Were Answers came out and was very good. Also gave some info on unreleased early Idlewild tracks which never came out. Some amazing photos and stories although it did lean towards the first couple of years and have sparse content past that.

CPRW Vinyl Challenge January 2021 was how I started the year and I think it burned out some enthusiasm for listening to new music daily. It was fun, but sorting everything out and planning it. Some days I kind of forced myself to listen to something after a hectic day etc. I definitely saw a tailing off of my music listening in the weeks afterwards.

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