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19 Jun

Center for Enquiry

There has been a bit of a ruckus online amongst sceptics and a sceptical organisation. You can read a round up of the latest issues here. Although a fan of the work of Center for Inquiry for many years, I have just send the following to them and am sadly unsubsribing from their content.

I have read some of the commentary over the Women in Secularism conference but having not attended, nor heard the CFI position didn’t really wish to comments.

Having seen the pathetic statement by CFI on the matter I am pretty disdained. I was expected a non-pology at worst, it wasn’t even that.

It comes across more like the King of Swamp Castle: Let’s not bicker and argue over who sent rape threats to who.

Although not a member, or financial contributor to your organisation, living outside the US, I have been following your content and listening to your podcast for years.

No longer though. I will return to listening to you and your content when I hear from those you have treated with such disrespect that you have not only learned and acknowledged what mistake you have made but have learned from it. Until then there are other sceptical organisations out there, some of which don’t mollycoddle scumbags just because they share some similar opinions on some issues.

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