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06 Jun


Not worthy of words
work on what’s well needed

Short term satisfaction sacrificed
in lieu of long term likelihood of letting it lie

An evaluation of benefits
putting pen to paper gives undeserved

Is it not better to forget and focus
than focus to not forget?

Channeling chapters of life into corrective contemplation

Can’t remember now what I wanted to write into words
Would it be better to have committed characters and transcribed trite terms
than wonder if my memory is failing as much as most mens minds must

Fleeting phrases, words, discussions, real or not?
Dreampt or remembered?
Spoken or imagined in mental preparation
Now I no longer know but can’t consider caring?

Un-mused and unamused
I stopped writing
Words exchanged might barb and be forgotten
but words typed remain forever
100% erased: never

So the words were lost
but words are worth
more than the events they were to describe
the only value scattered
from a time that hardly mattered

And in the ashes of lifes hearth
are the words and what they were worth

The only value
scat erred

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