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25 Oct

Dundee Loses Another Songwriting Genius

Following the deaths of Dougie Martin and Gus Foy, Dundees own Michael Marra has died suddenly at the too young age of 60.

I feel like one of the old guys who used to hang round the Westie or Balcony years ago talking about all the old musicians, bands and venues which are sadly no more (the Westie now included in a crime against Dundees music scene).

You have to wonder if any of those playing in bands around Dundee just now will end up as universally acclaimed as Michael was a few decades into their music career.

The best tribute to him is to both listen to and enjoy the music he put out and to go and support the local acts plying their trade around town just now to keep a live musical tradition alive in Dundee.

Chain Up the Swings


Hamish the Goalie

Green Grow the Rashes

He was also instrumental in launching the career of Saint Andrew.


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