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20 Sep

Health and Safety

An article about the recent tragic death of 4 miners highlights the issue of lapse Health and Safety that led to their deaths.

When you read a ridiculous article in the crap tabloid press about tabloid health and safety gone mad the majority of the time it’s nothing to do with health and safety it’s bureaucrats trying to issue diktats. On the few occasions when something is related to health and safety legislation it’s usually blown out of proportion or misreported completely.

But every time you read one of those articles trying to undermine health and safety legislation the purpose is to try and create an opposition to health and safety legislation brought in to prevent tragedies like this. The reason being these events are preventable, but they cost money and greedy bastards can’t stand losing a bit of money to ensure the people who work their ass off so they can make that money in the first place do so in safe working conditions that ensure they will go home at the end of the working day.

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