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30 Aug

Israel is a Terrorist State

I used to keep up with what was happening in Israel and Palestine quite a bit. Over the past couple of years I haven’t been able to keep up as much in what is going on.

A couple of months ago I went to a show by Mark Thomas, he decided to walk the wall Israel is building around Israel (inside the West Bank). Along the way he spoke to people on both sides of the wall. Ultra Orthodox settlers, secular Jews, peaceniks, IDF soldiers, Palestian politics, children and workers and anyone else he met along the way.

He recorded his trip in a book called Extreme Rambling and then had the show around the trip too.

What he details is utterly horrific. I had read about the wall and though it must be bad but kind of suffered from Bad Thing Overload and it became just another terrible thing happening in some corner of the world.

The fence as Israel calls it, wall as the Palestinians call it and Apartheid Wall as it is more accurately described is a naked land grab. An attempt to steal what little land and resources are left in the West Bank, in places diverting dozens of Kilometres into the West Bank to surround illegal settlements.

Workers are herded like cattle through gates at particular times of the day whilst others are refused permits to cross the wall. Even if their ill newborn child is on the other side. In some places cars must drop their passengers off, drive through and pick the passengers up once they have trecked through the barrier themselves. Including young children and the infirm.

Children cannot cross a road, so have to go through a tunnel under it, which flows with sewage. Meanwhile the school they arrive it is having it’s toilet block demolished as it doesn’t have the impossible to get permit. Leaving aside that having building permits doesn’t stop the Israeli state bulldozing homes or surrounding them with walls anyway, whether this wall cuts through football pitches or farms is irrelevant.

Of course, this only applies to Palestinians. Israeli citizens can travel back and forward with impunity.

Meanwhile the child conscripts in the IDF snatch children, keep them in prison for days before dropping them off miles from home to get back themselves. Others are repeatedly beaten.

And after all this, people can still get through the barrier if they know the right people or can grease the right palms.

And apologists for this country which is committing state terrorism on a daily basis defend it because of made up stories in a book by bronze age goat herders about a sociopathic mountain war god!

Israel has essentially turned the West Bank into the worlds largest concentration camp. Meanwhile in the Gaza strip A4 paper and corriander are banned from importation by a sea blockade whilst the ingredients for rockets are all allowed through. Never mind that the threat from armed militias letting off these rockets is the premise used to blockade corriander but let petrol and metal tubing through.

To the west of these countries of course, the masses in Northern African countries like Libya and Egypt get full support from the West in taking up arms against despots via the UN whilst sanction after sanction against Israels behaviour in Palestine is ignored.

Until the Israeli state ceases to treat Palestinians as chattel it is difficult to take on board any of the bleating from it’s apologists. It’s hard to take the moral high ground when you invade and occupy the high ground.

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