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15 Jul


I realised today that it’s been about 3 months since I last posted here.

I’ve been reading again a hell of a lot more than before. Since the start of June, I am now about half way through book 4 of A Song of Ice and Fire. That’s about 3,500 pages in 6 weeks. Before that I was trying to get through my pile of magazines which has grown to epic proportions.

Coding wise, I’ve worked on a site and been a bit overwhelmed with the volume of WordPress releases. I really need to look into WordPress MU instead of running about 8 seperate WP installs in various places.

Hardware wise I now have an XBox and Bluray player and will be picking up my decommissioned development machine from work which I intend to turn into a media centre.

So with the amount of stuff I was doing I wasn’t really feeling creative enough to post anything substantial. I have tended to put out short thoughts on twitter rather than post anything more substantial here.

Normal service will be resumed when something pisses me off enough that I can write something about it no-one else has written about it.

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