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16 Mar

Nate Dogg Dies

Nate Dogg has died at just 41. Details haven’t been announced yet but he previously had two strokes.

if you listened to any early-mid 90s hip hop you probably heard him crooning in the background. Although he generally appeared on others work he also released or compiled his own work. The one I loved most was G-Funk Classics which is pretty much the guide for G-Funk artists.

Most people would probably most recognise him from Regulate where he featured alongside Warren G.

He had started his career with Snoop and Warren G in the group 213. The group were referenced a lot in their early records and an album was finally released in 2004 with another one due this year.

I think the song where I like his singing the most is in Annie Mae

If he had been born 50 years earlier I think it’s safe to say he would have been a pretty amazing Jazz singer.

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