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10 Mar

Tommy ‘Pathological Liar’ Sheridan Convicted of Perjury

Originally written December 2011

To quote the Hives Hate To Say I Told You So. Tommy Sheridan has been convicted of perjury. To his acolytes this is a surprise. Even the ones who know he did and also committed perjury on his behalf. To anyone paying attention this was inevitable. To those involved in these issues at the start of them, it was inevitable at the time and he was told it was so. Reckless doesn’t begin to describe his chosen course of action.

A lot has been typed in day following the court case analysing, spinning and putting out the party/ies line on the issue. The SSY have written about some of the facts/logic of the case in their own yoof style.

And to tangent already that gives a great example of the kind of stuff written about the issue.

The SSY in the second paragraph of their 10,000 article state we have no desire to see him punished by prison. People who have read this and are unhappy can be spotted saying The SSY blog is just the endpoint of this kind of scabby logic – outright celebration that “mad shagger” Sheridan is off to the nick..

Given these demonstratable lies and inability to read/understand what has been written in public space, the general public are out of the loop as to the kind of bile being spewed in semi-public lefty discussion space etc by his fan club.

This includes lumping abuse on some witnesses and accusing some of discracefully lying in court and discracefully telling the truth!

Note: I did intend to write more on this but the vile abuse and logical fallacies being spewed by Sheridans sycophants all over the internet reduced my interest in even engaging with them enough to collect some of their nonsense. The post so far is probably enough of a taster on it’s own and I may return to this topic later.

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