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23 Aug

First Search Consultancy Scam

It appears that a lot of people find my site by searching for First Search Consultancy Scam. This is possibly related to a couple of previous posts I wrote – almost 650 at the last count.

More than likely though it is related to the large number of people who claim to be dissatisfied with First Search Consultancy.

No doubt the sudden appearance of First Search Consultancy shooting up the rankings in Google for the term First Search Consultancy Scam is related to this too.

2 Responses to “First Search Consultancy Scam

  1. 1
    Richard Says:

    First Search Consultancy Scam – SEO Scam – Cowboys – Misselling SEO – Misleading Sales

    I have been ripped off by these cowboys First Search Consultancy and their customer service are most unhelpful, nor do they even try and offer a solution.

    Has anyone ever successfully had their money returned? Or as it is a service that they offer – have you been able to get the work done properly by another company and First Search Consultancy pay for this?

    I would love to hear from you.

  2. 2
    Einar Says:

    I have been ripped off by these cowboys as well and they are phoning me again and agian trying to get more money out off me.

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