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21 Jul

Health and Safety gone mad!

Hardly a day goees by without one of the scummy papers ranting about Health and Safety gone mad. These new rules always provoke outrage and rage and anger, but of course only in the mind of the readersand writers of these sorts of papers. The worst of course being the Hitler supporting Daily Mail.

This can range from some local authority sending all staff on a course to learn how to lift boxes properly (so staff don’t knacker their back at work, go off work for ages on the sick and potentially sue their employer) to some school deciding that the latest fad sweeping the playground can potentially result in one child getting hurt and banning it.

Quite ironically of course these same papers will happily support whatever ludicrous scheme dreamt up by the government because will no one think of the children!! etc.

Of course the real reason for their opposition to Health and Safety is never revealed, it mainly came about because of workers trying to improve the working conditions of their workplace. Some employers were quite happy to cut corners putting peoples lives at risk to save a few bucks.

Well I quite expect them to be quiet on the health and safety front for a bit as a major story has shown just why such policies exist.

The Buncefield Oil Depot went on fire a few years back destroying dozens of buildings and injuring 43 people. The cause of the fire: several companies cutting corners and breaching Health and Safety regulations.

Full disclosure: I ordered a Christmas present that year from a company located on the estate – who were due to ship it out the day of the fire. I then had to panic and rush round finding a replacement elsewhere a couple of weeks before Christmas.

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