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21 Jun

Travel Dundee Silliness

2 minor annoyances with Travel Dundee lately.

Firstly they have binned the flexi-cards and replaced them with paper tickets to be stamped by the drivers. Notices say this is to speed up the journey etc. Except the driver taking ticket, inpecting it, then leaning forward lining up stamper, stamping, checking stamp is in correct place then handing back. Now, it takes about twice as long as putting a flexi card in the machine did.

Secondly I got on a new bus yesterday and the notice for Conditions of carriage had changed. Firstly it looked like the minimum charge (i.e. fine for fare dodging) had doubled. It was only seeing the figure which drew my attention to the poster. The poster says for full journey rules I should pop into their store in the West Midlands. Bit of a jaunt to find out if I can stick my feet up on the seat eh?

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