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15 May

Buyer Beware

Due to a combination of factors regarding scammy scummy business practices I remembered about this incident.

A few weeks ago I get a knock at the door and it is someone from an energy company touting for business by trying to convince us to switch suppliers.

I forget the exact figures but he asked me what my energy bill was. I said £90/quarter for electricity and £10/week for gas during last quarter (winter). He pulls up his tablet PC and tells me I currently spend £360/year on electricity and £520/year on gas. This adds up to £880/year on energy costs. If I switched to his company then with their £50 duel customer saving it would only cost £850 per year.

I looked at him.

He looked back.

Me: Those were the figures for the last quarter – winter, where we clearly spend more on heating

Energy man – glazed look.

Me: You multiplied my Winter quarter fuel costs by 4 to get my yearly bill.

Energy man – Yeah there are 4 quarters in the year

How many people fall for this. Not only would this not be a saving without switching both energy supplies, it is only a saving if the figures used were correctly used for a comparison, which they clearly were not.

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