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07 Apr

Stuff Jim McGovern

Last night was the final straw.

Having spent several years as a member of the payroll vote he eventually started being a constituency MP.

He voted for authoritarian measures like storing massive amount of information on citizens and then tried to block information about where he has been on taxpayers money using privacy as his excuse.

He gets caught in the expenses scandal by spending £200 on a DVD player (having already bought a computer), £900 on a desk and putting in £500 for petty cash whilst also claiming 20p and 30p for rubbers and pencils.

He hasn’t responded to my mails about the Digital Economy Bill and last night couldn’t be arsed turning up to hear the debate or vote.

I can’t remember if he voted to extend the time to imprison people without charge but he has just not voted against a bill to cut people off the internet on accusations of breaching a minor criminal offence.

The only thing I can remember him doing of note was call the Royal Family parasites.

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