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26 Feb

Developer Day Scotland Agenda Announced

Developer Day Scotland Agenda has been announced and looks really good.

I went last year and thought it was excellent so was looking forward to this year. Only one clash and one empty slot for my preferred items I voted for so a good result for me.

Right now my plans would be for:

  1. HTML 5: The Language of the Cloud
  2. T4 and How it Can Be Used for Code Generation in Visual Studio 2008/2010
  3. Web Standards are Broken, and it’s Getting Worse OR Defensive Programming 101
  4. Decide on day
  5. Domain Specific Languages – What Are They and Why Should You Care?

I was wanting to dig into HTML 5 soon anyway. We use T4 for part of one project at work but I haven’t even looked at it. Web standards is obvious but I tend to code very defensively so am interested in the other option in that slot too. Any of the slots in 4 apart from Silverlight would be both of interest and something I wouldn’t normally look at. I had been interested reading Ayendes posts about Boo but know nothing about it so good chance to get an introduction into them.

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