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03 Feb

Terminal Illness Isn’t A Health Issue

In parliament today a bill on euthanasia for those with terminal illnesses was punted to a sub-committee. This is probably what you would expect in a parliament.

What was strange was it had been expected to be handed to the Health committee. According to party hacks euthanasia doesn’t fall under the remit of health.

The more you know.

There is of course another side to the story according to Scotlands new online newspaper Caledonian Mercury

The practice of setting up committees where an issue doesn’t fall under the remit of an existing committee has a logic to it. The chair of these committees rotates amongst the parties.

The SNP were due to convene the next one.

The SNP were also due to produce their Independence Referendum and have it heard by such committee.

The opposition parties took a serious issue which has caused serious discussion on politics throughout the country and fucked about with it purely to score political points against the SNP.

Those who voted to do so should hang their heads in shame, but like we saw recently in Westminster very few elected representatives are capable of doing so, never mind when they have been caught doing something most people would be pretty annoyed about.

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