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07 Oct

Random website sham again?

A friend got another call from a web design company today. This time they are claiming that that a government scheme is there to help companies with websites.

For £149 per year they can make a site with a shop. A quick scan of their site shows that that package is £199 per year. The £149 one is aimed at people with no website at all. On the phone the Web Consultant (sales rep) also asked her what their website address was. Nice research there bub. A quick search for the number they were calling very quickly shows that.

A quick browse round their site was quite telling. News from 2007 (we are a popular company, see this non-existant report that you would have to pay for anyway), a blog (link dead) and vacancies. The vacancies at these places is always interesting, multiple telesales positions, 1 web developer position. The web developer ad language is amateurish at best, not what you would expect from a really big web design company which has been going for years.

A search on the company finds almost no mention of them anywhere, not helped by their name being made of two common words.

2 Responses to “Random website sham again?”

  1. 1
    Alex Says:

    It’s not being run by Brad Sutherland is it?

  2. 2
    Alan G Says:

    No idea, they are Wigan based if that rules them in/out.

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