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01 Aug

Alice, Alice, who the fuck is Alice?

I had been moderately excited for the new Alice movie.

I just watched the trailer.

What the hell is Burton doing with all this ridiculous CGI? It looked appalling and out of place. Never mind that most of it was completely unnecessary, bah. CGI works if it blends in to the film, if it adds details but doesn’t stand out. All the grognnards complain about the remastering of Star Wars, what made it bad wasn’t that it was restored and remastered and cleaned up but that CGI was dumped in (and that Greedo shot first, obviously). It jarred against the style of the film and also made the rest of the film look dated. The previous remastering where they mainly cleaned up the print was a welcome improvement.

I had been looking forward to it, but don’t know if I should even bother now.

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    Alan G Says:

    Wow, I forgot about this post. How right I was about this terrible terrible film

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