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27 Jul

Blackwood vodka

On a trip to the Ferry on Saturday I popped into Aitkens Wine. Looking at their vodka shelves I noticed 3 bottles of Blackwood Vodka.


I had a bottle before after searching for a few years and it was gorgeous. Later spotted some in a wine shop in Edinburgh for £20. Thought sod that and now managed to score these for £16 each. Seeing as they are now in administration I will need to keep one but one was opened Saturday night and was as good as I remember. mmmm.

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    mixed drink glasses Says:

    Great post – thanks for sharing!

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    Scoville Units Unite » Blog Archive » Vodka Breaking News! Says:

    […] This morning I was digging through old posts, spotting errors etc when I noticed one about Blackwoods going into administration. […]

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