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26 Jul

Last British World War One trench veteran dies

I have only briefly glanced at the reports on the death of Harry Patch, the last surviving British trench soldier from World War One. (One sailor survives: Claude Choules)

The reports have mainly went on about the war he fought in and ignored his insights into the situation.

Which is a shame, as he had wise words to say on the war

On a graveyard in France

Any one of them could have been me. Millions of men came to fight in this war and I find it incredible that I am the only one left.

He described war as the

calculated and condoned slaughter of human beings…war isn’t worth one life.

Of course this is in stark contrast to Butcher Haig who callously sent thousands to their death due to his stupidity, lack of respect for human live and inability to understand that sending people over an open field covered in mines towards a machine gun isn’t going to work.

The fact that he has a fund in his name for surviving soldiers is a travesty of irony.

It is of course one of the reasons I avoid wearing a red poppy and every year buy a pack of Peace Pledge Union white poppies to sell on behalf of the Dundee Coalition for Justice Not War.

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