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13 Jul

Drop Down Menus

I have spent most of this evening wrestling with the UDM menu on the root of my site. I can get it to import sub-menu items from an external file, but not the main menu items.

So with the menu:

  • Home – static
  • Menu Top – static
    • Sub Menu – loads dynamically
  • Another – static

Very frustrating. It would mean doing a search/replace every time a new top level menu item is added, very annoying. I can’t see why it would be happy to load the sub items but balk at the top level items.

The reason for experimentation is a site. It started with a catalogue of around 40 pages and quickly grew to about 300 static pages. They then wanted some top level menu items added – argh. I figured if I can get this done I can change every page once and then update the external sitemap page when necessary. This is only a sop until I have the time and inclination to install a more appropriate site for what she is doing with it now. Spending spare hours here and there make an overhaul slightly difficult and drag over weeks though.


The closest I could get was:

  • Root – loads dynamically
    • Home – loads dynamically
    • Menu Top – loads dynamically
      • Sub Menu – loads dynamically
    • Another -loads dynamically

This of course means you only see “Root” on the page and the submenus when you select the menu. With the added bonus that it only works with JavaScript loaded. A colleague has it working on his Asp.Net site loaded into the MasterPage but plain HTML doesn’t have that luxury.

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