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01 May

La Rebla Fam – internet lawyers

It appears the management of La Rebla Fam made a boo boo.

They sent out moronic street teamers. They spammed forums etc. When they spammed UGS the users ripped the piss out of them. Now their management have noticed that the thread on UGS has a Google ranking of 2, just behind the band site. This obviously makes him a bit scared their hordes of fans will see what a bunch of fannies they are.

Their management Phases UK appear to be a bunch of muppets.

Not only is their website a single image, but the content of it says they provide Management and Music Solutions

Cocks of the highest order.

2 Responses to “La Rebla Fam – internet lawyers”

  1. 1
    Ben Says:

    Hi this is Ben. I’m the guitarist for La Rebla Fam.

    This is the first time I have seen this thread and it has upset me to no end.

    I do not condone what our management has done and was not aware that they were using these sort of methods to promote our band. Im not offended by the comments as you are all entitled to your opinions and feel that this sort of spam is entitled to a full barage of insults for wasting space on the internet.

    On behalf of the band I apologise that such a cheap and low handed approach to advertising was used.

    I would like to thank all our fans who do support us and give us great feedback through our hard work and by legitimate means.

  2. 2
    Rob Says:

    Hi, I’m Rob, bassist for the band.

    I just want to second everything Ben said and add my own apologies. None of us were consulted on any of this stuff and the first we heard of any of it was only a couple of days ago. If we had been consulted, we would certainly have objected. The fact that threats were made only serves to make me feel physically sick.

    Once again, sincerest apologies.

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