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20 Apr

Chilli Burgers – Grill Room comes from behind for a late lead

Most will know me as a fan of Tonics Mo of all Fo’s.

At the weekend I discovered an even better burger though and in a surprising place.

Dronley Produce have had Scotch Bonnet peppers in which have been gorgeous. I took one down town to the Grill Room (nee Kennedy’s) thinking I could get it added onto a chilli burger – superb.

Dave, instead of just bunging on a burger, grabbed a fresh patty and coated in chilli powder, black pepper and a cut up Pigeon Eye Chilli. This was allowed to soak in then cooked – a true chilli burger. He then added my Scotch Bonnet and his usual chilli.

It was superb. Totally kicked the arse of Mo of all Fo for hotness with an amazing flavour.

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