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17 Apr

April film roundup

Having spent a weekend ill on the couch unable to turn the light, look at a monitor for longer than 10minutes or read I managed to get through quite a few films.

Some of these were good, some were great, some won’t be watched again – a good mixture then. The unwatched pile however has not had a noticeable dent.

Flight of the Conchords Season 1, having been finally acquired from Mike was watched. Very amusing. Regret watching it all in a weekend though as the dialogue could be a bit dense at times and would have really benefited from full concentration. Murray is the greatest comedy character in years. His bemusement over how many New Zealanders are mugged when he advises them to avoid crowds and stick to the back alleys is priceless.

Messengers was quite amusing, if a bit predictable. Effects were to an acceptable standard, although I think the point which grabbed my attention most was seeing William B Davis in the opening credits to be fair. His character was a bit meh

When Zachary Beaver Came to Town was quite a fun £1.99er picked up for the humour of it starring Jane Krakowski (Elaine in Ally McBeal). Amusing coming of age film which was nowhere near as good as most in the genre.

Surviving Christmas (Christina Applegate) was a pretty shit Christmas movie which I watched in April for sheer humour value. Ben Affleck plays a character who is even more of annoying whiny dick than usual. He must have really reached far inside to create him and should be commended for that if nothing else. Every character was immensely dislikeable and unbelievable. I will happily watch films but having not one single likeable character puts a huge brick wall up in front of my enjoyment of a movie.

Creep was a very enjoyable horror although the main baddie was a bit shit. Hobbling one second, beating characters who were running the next. The main character deserved to die for being stupid enough to have the Creep in the ground injured and possibly knocked out with a giant spear next to her. Rather than kill the fucker she runs for the next 30minutes(?) of the film. I’m really tiring of horrors with stupid characters and giant plot holes, at least with psychological horrors you can empathise with the victims as you are focusing on what they are going through. The director in a special feature also speaks of how you can sympathise for the Creep who captures women, keeps them in cages and then rams giant blades into their genitals. Probably says more about him than the audience I think.

I have watched quite a few films this month but can’t remember all of them unfortunately.

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