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26 Mar

Day 3 in the Big Brother state house

After John Letford resigned the rest of the housemates were bitching about him in the diary room. They are now getting to see interviews with him inside.

Courier article

The overriding incident, which I found disgusting and unforgivably embarrassing, was that I was approached by the (Labour) group through Kevin (Keenan), asking if I would give up two years of my term of office to keep Mr Borthwick on board, who would subsequently get me an OBE. I am disappointed to say that Mr Borthwick made the same request to me later.

I turned both requests down, of course, expressing my disgust to both of them and reporting the incidents to the relevant officers of the council.

Which is a bit of an explosive revelation as [OBE] Appointments are made on the advice of the governments of the United Kingdom and some Commonwealth realms.

It would show just how the honours system works.

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