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24 Mar

Labour in disarray

In the 2007 Council elections the balance of power had shifted to 13 SNP councillors, 10 Labour, 3 Tories, 2 Liberal Democrat and 1 Independent. Borthwick, the independent had previously stated – correctly – that it was undemocratic for Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Tories to deny the SNP their place in the administration.

One of the SNP councillors resigned as councillor and prompted a by election. The SNP won this comfortably with 48.89% of the first votes.

Earlier this year a Labour councillor resigned. At the by election the SNP again won it comfortably.

This shifted the balance to 14 SNP, 9 Labour, 3 Tory, 2 Liberal Democrat and 1 Independent. Needing 15 for a majority it seemed clear that the SNP would take power with Borthwick as kingmaker, and in this case democrat.

Today there was a shock though. John Letford, the Lord Provost and most prominent member of the Labour Party in the city resigned the Labour group and now sits as an independent.

This shifts it to 14 SNP, 8 Labour, 3 Tory, 2 Liberal Democrats and 2 Independents. The two independents being Lord Provost and Depute Lord Provost can probably show what deal is being struck.

In the course of 6 years Labour have went from largest Councillor group to being 3 behind at the election, losing 2 by elections by clear margins and a defection. A defection of their most prominent, well known, longest serving councillor? and to be fair, most well liked member in the city.

It is worth noting the thoughts of the Labour Party spokesman after the by election. He is anonymous but believed to be former Information Minister in Iraq.

We are pleased that Labour increased our share of the vote in what the SNP were convinced was a very safe council seat for them.

Coupled with recent by-election wins, it shows that the momentum is moving from away from the SNP.

Of course reality, as ever, contradicts the Labour Party.

Dundee Councillors 1995 to 2009

Dundee Councillors 1995 to 2009

Jim McGovern has written a piece on his site.

In it he implies that John Letford has no principles and is only out to line his own pockets. He also mocks him for a claim he made about what was at his core – Labour and the Trade Union Movement.

Quick Quiz:
If you cut the Labour Party in two what would you find?

(Comedy Option: 2 Tory parties)

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