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16 Feb

Cycle Ride

With the weather finally clearing we managed to get out on the bikes at the weekend.

The route map is:

Route for February 15th

Route for February 15th

It was a pretty hard slog for two main reasons, lack of fitness and the gears not working correctly on bike. I was able to switch from 2 to 1 but not up again, when I fiddled around a bit the chain came off. This meant I was stuck on the second set of gears which was fine for a gradual climb, flat and downhill but meant I was stuffed when trying to climb a steeper gradient on way back. So we had to call it off a bit earlier than intended.

Still 2 miles with over 200feet of climbing is alright for a first proper ride. The first ride we went on was round Clatto so was pretty flat only rising 60ft over a longer distance than the 200ft climb on Sunday.

Route for January 25th

Route for January 25th

I am due the first service anyway but was waiting until I had been out more than once, that’s definitely something to be seen to.

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