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18 Jan

Get on yer Bike

I have been trying to get my work to enter the Cycle2Work scheme. Looks quite positive although it is on hold until the new office is complete around September. Unfortunately that’s the time of year I’d be least likely to start cycling seeing as it will be starting to have heavy showers. I figure if I get even an entry level mountain bike for kicking around on just now I will get in the habit of cycling and get fitness up so I would then be having to make excuses to not cycle.

So off I trotted around town after the Palestine demo in city square. After my 7 mile adventure what I found was:

Nicholson Cycles: Orbea Tuareg reduced from £230 to £172.
Spokes: Giant Rock for £200.

Now price wasn’t really an issue between them, whichever was the best bike I would go for. I had heard of Ridgeback and Giant before but hadn’t heard of Orbea. When home I did a search and found out that:

  • They are based in the Basque country and switched to make bikes after the Spanish Civil War
  • They are a co-operative
  • They operate a 1:3 wage ratio – no one can earn more than three times anyone else in the factory.

I think that’s me sold then. Next Saturday I should be popping round the shops and I will have a test-drive to see if it’s what I need. For the Cycle2Work scheme I would be looking for a Hybrid, I really like the Ridgeback Hybrid but if the Orbea are any good I would have to go for that again.

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