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15 Jan

The Astronaut’s Wife

After checking imdb, I have watched twenty three movies with Johnny Depp in them. Some of them great (Donnie Brasco, Edward Scissorhands), some good, (Pirates of the Caribbean) some of them unwatchable dirge (Secret Window, The Brave, Dead Man, Pirates 2, Pirates 3 etc).

Having picked The Astronaughts Wife up for one and two thirds of a pound in Grouchos I wasn’t really expecting much. Checking imdb also shows an average rating on 4.9. It was actually surprisingly good and I would definitely watch again. The film was scary, intense and quite riveting. In places you grew annoyed as some of the characters but Charlize Theron totally pulled you in. Loads of wee subtle things (Depp feeling her temperature to see if she’s ovulating) and things I hadn’t quite worked out (the constant focus and emphasis on hands moving) mean I will watch again at some point to see what I can pick out.

If I haven’t mentioned before I always spot wee things in the background of movies and TV shows, some examples include:

  • Random extras and what other films they’ve been in.
  • David Boreanaz doing some amazingly silly things on Angel whilst someone else, Lorne or Wes mostly, is the focus of the camera.
  • Shaun in This Is England having me in stitches slyly letting someone sniff his fingers as he passes them on his way into the living room after being out the backs with a girl.

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